Fans came out to attack the guild to ban “E twins”

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It has become a hot topic in South Korea women’s volleyball circles. When a group of cheerleaders came out to attack the guild to ban the E twins. As a result, the national team did not reach the dream side in the past Olympics.

Team puck women Korea’s Olympic tournament in Tokyo with the 4th place after losing to Brazil’s national team lose 0-3 to win the bronze medal sets to a disappointing

last media. of South Korea reported that Many volleyball fans came out to attack the association. Expressed dissatisfaction with ” E twins ” Lee Jae-young. And Lee Da-young being banned, which is a key part of the national team’s performance at the 2020 Olympics is less successful than it should be.

The media claimed that “Mr. A” from the Lee Twins support group revealed, “Without Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young, we’d lose like this. It’s just that in the Olympics, it’s embarrassing. Our team should be able to go further.”

“Before the Olympics start. The twins were ban from the International Volleyball Federation. And everyone agrees that it’s right.”

“But do you know how bad it is? Our national team has weakened. Bronze medal match against Brazil The third set we had a chance to win. and the game may change But in the end we lost 19-25.”

“If there are Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young in the team, I think we can keep the momentum and win the third set. Twins are very important to the national team.”

“The lack of twins creates a huge gap in the team. The association should think about the national team first. Failure to support twins makes our Korean volleyball performance worse and deteriorate.”

However, such defeat Making the South Korean women’s national volleyball team still hold the best record at the Olympics, with a bronze medal only in 1976. Getting 4th place this time is consider the best performance equivalent to the 1972 and 2012 Olympics

for the 24-year-old twins to make up their name. from the national youth team competition Until holding arms together, being named in the national team at the age of only 17 years old Before meeting the monsoon scandal of childhood bullies in February this past.