Why Colombian ‘ Violence Against Footballers Hasn’t Changed

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One of the most tragic events in football history. It was the 1994 death of Andres Escobar, a Colombian footballer. Who died at the hands of his hometown fans. After being accuse of being a key figure in Colombia’s first-round exit of the World Cup that same year for an own goal against the United States.

unfortunately the loss Did not create a lesson for people to remember. 24 years later, Carlos Sanchez, another Colombian footballer. Almost experience the same incident as Escobar. Because he received heavy death threats. The penalty is for causing the national team to be eliminate at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The violence in Colombian football is not accidental. But it was create from social problems that have been deposite for a long time. but never fixed leading to violence and sad in this land.

In the end, Colombian society has no room for losers. If you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy of the cruel land of Colombia.

Bleacher Report, US sports media He once questioned the reason why violence coexisted with football in Colombia. from the negligence of the government and the authority in the country that does not focus on improving the quality of life of the people 

until they do not understand how to view sports as a sport to reduce the severity of unnecessary emotional abuse, such as institutionalization pride Or bring the idea of ​​nationalism (excessive) to be tied to a sports team.

Passion for sports is never a bad thing. But do not let it go beyond the word sport. Because in the end, sports is an activity that creates happiness, fun for players and spectators, should not at all bring violence. physical pain especially death