Grealish ‘s mouth does not match his heart

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Jack Grealish, Manchester City‘s attacker. Grealish has been dissatisfy with the fact that he once admire team-mate playmaker Kevin De Bruyne as the best player. He’d been wanting to work with for a long time. But when you have to choose a dream team to kick the ball 5-on-5, you can turn a blind eye to the Belgian player.

Green Lichfield move from Aston Villa last summer of 100 million pounds had interviewed appreciated the  ‘ K DB ‘ series of cars inverted sugar that – a dream come true to be playing alongside him -. 

But the latest in choosing a small table fantasy Back unidentify de Brian Roy’s side have just said Dan Adair Sonia Mora’s being recalled.  

“ My goalkeeper position is for Ederson because he’s the best with his feet. You need to have time to play 5- on -5 ” opening the mouth with the YouTube channel ‘ Boo Hoo man dot com ‘.

” Sergio Ramos ‘s defender because he scores often , me and Lionel Messi play in midfield and the legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo plays spear. ” 

As for the reason De Bruyne dropped out of the polls because of his poor form this season, his eyes are on the Carabao Cup midweek against West Ham , as for the statistics of his performance in all 11 games, scoring three goals , one. assist