“Merson” predicts 5 favorite teams to win the UEFA Champions League this season

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Paul Merson, Arsenal legend Predicted that Manchester United is a team that is strong enough to win the UEFA Champions League. to dominate this season

“I dare to say that Manchester United are one of the five favorite teams to ascend to the UEFA Champions League. in this new season And I’ll explain to you why,” Merson told Sportskeeda.

“Okay, you might underestimate the fact that Solskjaer’s boys got knocked out of the group stage last season. But if analyzed in more detail will find that their playing style of football suits The Champions League is clearlymore than the English Premier League .”

“Playing an effective counter attack is one of the great weapons for any team that wants to win a cup. Manchester United are better at this than any other team. The latest squad is strong and has Varane and San. Cho, who has consistently performed outstandingly in the UCL every year, has added more troops.”

“And with the fact that this club has dominated the world of football from the past to the present. So they are not the Dark Horse team. But as the favorites to win the chance to have a maximum “

” I do not know that Manchester United will win the Premier League crown as ambition or vain. But if measured in the UEFA Champions League cup They have the right to do more.” The

5 clubs Merson predicts will have the most chances of winning the UCL in 2021-22
– Manchester United
– Manchester City
– Chelsea
– Bayern Munich
– Paris Saint-Germain